Manavgat House

Manavgat House

2020, Antalya – The building, located in Manavgat municipality, aimed to be found in nature and greenery, respecting its environment and without destroying it. The house, which was designed simply, was conceived as a house where the family can breathe, with a large and beautiful garden.

The most important parameter in the building, whose indoor area is kept minimal and modest in the residential building, which is designed as 2 floors on a 1300 m2 plot, is spaciousness and nature. In addition to these, he respected his surroundings and neighbors by using traditional architecture and materials. In order not to be affected by the heat and sun of the Mediterranean climate, a large green area and balconies that will create shade in the interior are considered.

All furniture, building elements, landscaping elements and plants in the entire project are specially designed according to the user’s wishes and needs.

Manavgat, Antalya
Land: 1300 m2, Construction: 560 m2



Doruk Karagöz, Jose Manuel García Torres, Fatma Chatzigkene, Hasan Korkut Gökçe, İbrahim Demir

Client: Küpeliler Family