Sunlife Entrance

Sunlife Entrance

2017 Icmeler (Tuzla). Istanbul – Design and manufacture of a new pedestrian entrance door to the Sunlife site, which has already been implemented.

Designed in modular sizes in a simple and straight forward so as to minimize wastage. After mass production in the workshop, welding was not used on the construction site, which was easily screwed on reinforced concrete walls manufactured according to each other and also certain axles.

The pedestrian entrance door to the site is in the same language as the railing and is a continuation, and the wooden coating used on the facade is covered behind the logo in order to emphasize the entrance to the site.

Tuzla- Istanbul

Design: Meydan Architecture
Photos: Meydan Architecture
Application: Yılmaz İnşaat
Client: Yılmaz İnşaat