Ryan Donk’s Flat

Ryan Donk’s Flat

2013, Istanbul – An empty flat had to be furnished within a couple of weeks. The user’s basic needs for living includes furniture, couches, tables, chairs, curtains, carpets, beds and so on. The design process looks forward to create a cozy atmosphere based on a minimal, basic, chic and modern style.

For the furniture peaces we chose a flexible and modular solution so it can be placed according to the customer’s needs. White high gloss MDF boxes are ensembled over a grey iron frame, so they become more solid and get elevated from the floor level. Making a modular application of this concept, the tv unit contains three pieces of modules, the dining dressoire six pieces, etc.

In the living room, the minimal harmony can get personalized with lights: Through colorful effects householders and guests meet with a nice changing ambiance. The dining table is made with glass, an the chairs are made from white leather.

Mashattan, Maslak (İstanbul) 190 m²
Furniture and Design Project



Project Team: Meydan Architecture
Photography: Meydan Architecture
Wood Works: Konak Mobilya
Metal Works: Davut Doğrama
Electric Works: Erciyes Elektrik
Carpet Supplier: Türker Halı
Curtain Manufacturer: Başak Perde
Bed Manufacturer: Niron Yatak / www.nironyatak.com
Couch Manufacturer and Supplier: NDesign / www.ndesign.com.tr
Armchair Manufacturer: İlyas Yaman
Chair Manufacturer: Özmetal Sandalye / www.ozmetalsandalye.com