Şifa Yıldız Private School

Şifa Yıldız Private School

2017, Şifa Mahallesi, Istanbul – Public, Education Building. A private school design with a capacity of 408 students, consisting of a total of 17 classrooms for 24 students for kindergarten, primary and high school students located on an area of 1270 m² in Şifa District.

Students will be able to work, receive training and social activities outside of class hours; Study study rooms, library, canteen – dining hall, music – art rooms, indoor gymnasium in the basement, conference hall and open areas of the land are also designed as playgrounds.

2017, Tuzla, İstanbul

5100 m²



Design: Meydan Architecture

Technical Support From Educators: Gülnaz Taloğlu, Alvaro Garcia Torres

Employer: YEO