Our services range from designing details on furniture to city planning. We believe that in architectural and design tasks ecological, sociological, psychological and economical factors need to be considered as part of the solution before approaching spacial and structural aspects. Hence we find solutions by connecting nature, life and people.

Our team is passionate and curious, constantly researching and exploring new and old materials with an eye for the potential of the given subject matter. Therefore the products we create and the projects we realize are unique, exceptional and more importantly make people happy.

Architectural Projects

Our architectural projects serve to private, public, cultural, commercial, educational building purposes in many different scales.

In our solutions we consider an architectural project not only in structural perspective but also in various disciplines such as ecology, sociology etc.

Interior Design Projects

We design pleasant, comfortable and useful interiors for many different needs.


Our team approach with a holistic design method to an interior space with its surrounding and the relationship between its cultural & natural environment. 

Restoration Projects

In order to keep historical buildings original values, environment and to create concious about why their function and esthetic have been lost.
We deal with a restoration project starting from a deep multidisciplinary research.

Corporate Office Design

In contemporary business world the importance of a creative, effective and corporate office design is growing daily. 


To become a solution partner for customers, both in design and application areas, is our mission. 

Conceptual Design

We offer spatial solutions based on brand identity and character. Our projects reflect corporate identity and brand value. Customers and users can easily identificate the space with the company.

Furniture Design & Manufacturing

Our specially designed/ developed boutique furnitures and products have the ability to inspire the whole space. We manage the whole process, from the idea to the last detail.

Exhibition Design

We develop qualified and effective exhibition design solutions specially for you and your company to be successful in every kind of events.

Lighting Design

We design and produce boutique lightning units with an avantgarde design they have an ideal, functional and energy saver illumination performance.

Architectural Application Projects

After pre-projects, preliminary projects our team can provide you application project drawings and organisations.

Construction Project Management

For realisation of a complete project, we control and manage all construction sites, workshops and production processes. Construction site consulting is also a part of our service.

Turnkey Projects

From first sketch to all processes such as planning, concept projects, bureaucratical stages we provide you a complete architectural service.

Corporate Identity Design

Parallel to our space designing approach , we develop identity designing service which aims to providing our customer's needs & demands.

Landscape Design

In a project Meydan Architecture gives natural landscape planning service and also pays attention to relationship between it's physical and cultural issues.

Urban Design

Today one of our biggest problem is to have an effective and healthy urban planning.
In this sense we provide a comprehensive, respectful and effective urban solutions.